Conventional Milling Services

Milling is the process of producing machined surfaces by progressively removing a predetermined amount of material from the work piece which is fed into a rotating cutter (a milling cutter is a tool made to size and shape of the desired shape of the end product). Conventional milling requires the setups and production for the most part to be done manually.

There are two basic types of machines vertical and horizontal. The vertical machine has a spindle that holds the milling  cutter or cutting tool that can be raised or lowered to the work piece.  

The horizontal machine has a spindle that rotates with the table being raised or lowered to the work piece. Both machine tables can move longitudinal and crosswise.  Some machines allow the table to be swiveled. Both styles of machine require a tool change to be done manually. Selection of type of machine used will depend on size of work piece and the type of milling required.