CNC Drilling Services

For over 60 years, Archer Engineering has offered precision custom drilling services as part of our turnkey machining services, specializing in high quality custom machined components for the industrial OEM and replacement part markets. Our drilling services offer precision machining for complex shapes that meet your most exacting specifications and the tightest tolerances. Our turnkey machining services include CNC machining, threading, boring, counterboring, drilling, profiling, reaming and tapping.

Our drilling services provide us with the capability to complete your job in-house to our exacting quality standards. Our advanced drilling equipment is integrated with our machining centers and allows us to efficiently and precisely drill your part, whether you require simple or complex drilling patterns.  We offer:

  • Boring 
  • Counterboring

Industrial Boring & Counterboring Capabilities

Our drilling equipment includes automated lathes and horizontal boring mills.

We have the capabilities to hold tolerances to +/- .0005” to depths of .250” and diameters of 3”. Our production capabilities include full production run quantities, low-volume runs and prototypes - all to our high quality precision standards. 

Our custom machined parts meet the high industry standards set by the American Fastener Institute, ASME, and Mil-Spec, ensuring that your part will meet your exact requirements and perform as expected in your finished product.

Archer has earned its reputation for manufacturing the highest quality custom machined parts for our customers and is committed to providing each customer with a custom solution for their application. Call today to see how we can help you.